Elected the best coffee in the Circuito das Águas Paulista region, Celebrity Coffee ™ employs the purest and most refined in the cultivation of the grain. We are a genuinely Brazilian brand, which arrives to please the most demanding palates.

The commitment to quality and good taste accompanies all our processes: cultivation of excellence, careful manual harvesting, rigorous selection of grains, all the way to packaging.

Celebrity Coffee ™ knows the strength of coffee in people's lives and the place it occupies in history and invites you to enjoy a highly flavorful drink with relevant sensory complexity.


Located 178 km from the capital of São Paulo, in Amparo in the state of São Paulo, Fazenda Ycatu is located in a region known as a paradise for spas.
The name of the Farm means “abundant water” and is also due to the presence of crystal clear water springs and a river in its boundaries.


The superior quality coffee we produce is the result of the best in planting tests for the climate of Fazenda Ycatu. Our 100% Arabica beans go through a selection method that ensures that only the best are chosen.

The harvest is carried out only when the grains reach their ideal state of maturation, and the sequence is dried in appropriate yards. This is perhaps one of the most crucial moments of production, when sensitivity and technique come together to extract the best possible from each variety.

Once the process is complete, the beans are handled according to specific packaging rules, ensuring the quality of Celebrity Coffee™ from start to finish. The result is a product of high sweetness and incomparable flavor, aimed at the most refined palates.


Frete grátis nas compras acima de R$ 200,00


Produzido por Fazenda Ycatu Agronegócios Ltda.
CNPJ: 19.646.412/0001-21 | IE: 168.063.579.116
Faça parte da nossa equipe: [email protected]
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